Janet McCloud on Banyaca

Janet McCloud
May 13, 1998

I went to Hopi to visit Thomas Banyacya who has been ill. Rose Auger and Karen Timentwa also made the trip.

Thomas has been our Elder mentor for many decades. He has always been there for us, now he needs our support and attention.

For over 40 years I have witnessed Thomas struggling to fulfill his commitments to his elders, carrying the Hopi message of Peace and Prophecies to our people and all good hearted people of the world. He fulfilled his instruction to go to the House of Mica four times until the door was finally opened in 1992. Few world leaders took the trouble to listen to spiritual leaders from the Hemisphere, but the forces of nature responded. Huge winds shook the United Nations building, and only stopped when Thomas gathered those assembled into a circle where a prayer was held. The winds stopped - to their amazement.

Thomas warned the world leaders that they had to begin correcting the destructive behavior on Mother Earth, raping the land, destroying Indigenous Peoples. He told them they had 4 days, 4 weeks, 4 months, 4 years and if they failed to act responsibly the Big Winds would increase, floods, fires, earthquakes, volcanoes and deadly sicknesses would start to act. The U.N. did nothing - now we see the results!!

Thomas Banyacya told me that our only salvation is to gather our traditional people who still know their original instructions, from the southern tip to the northern tip, East and West, to come to the 4-Corners area to pray. That will save many people and land.

Towards the end it was foretold that our people would be stripped of everything, just as Slade Gorton is determined to do. We live in dangerous times. We must act. Get the word out!

Some suggestions: Meet in 1999, Summer or Fall in the 4-Corners area. Perhaps a run of young people from the 4 directions

Elders would be driven. This gathering will include Indigenous people from Central and South Americas. A lot of work must be done. Those who want to help to begin putting it together contact: Barbara McCloud-Sapa Dawn Center (360) 458-7610 Dennis Banks - Sacred Run International Karen Timentwa Lisa Powers


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