Letter to Sec. Gen. Boutros Boutros-Ghali
Hopi Traditional Elder
P.O. Box 112
Kykotsmovi, AZ 86039
October 22, 1991

The Honorable Perez de Cuellar,
Secretary General of the United Nations
New York, NY

Dear Secretary de Cuellar:

      I, Banyacya, made a commitment in 1948 to the Kikmongwis (leaders) and other religious elders of the assembled Hopi clans to take the Hopi Prophecy and its message of peace to the United Nations, known to them from the ancient prophecy as the Great House of Mica on the Eastern shore where the nations come together to solve world problems without war. This house is built on the original native peoples' land, yet it has not permitted native peoples to speak in its General Assembly.

      Since 1948, I and other Hopi ELders have made several pilgrimages to the United Nations and although we have not been permitted to address the General Assembly, we have been warmly received by several personages including on December 29, 1990, by John L. Washburn, Director of the Executive Office of the Secretary General. In that meeting with Oren Lyons (Faithkeeper of the Onondaga Nation), Lewis Jarvis and me, Mr. Washburn indicated there would be several ways that the Hopi Elders could be received in the General Assembly to present the Hopi message which warns against war and promotes peaceful cooperation among nations and peoples of the world.

      Such an opening of the doors of the Great House of Mica would fulfill the instructions of the Kikmongwis and other Hopi Elders given in 1948. Today I am making the fourth and final pilgrimage on their behalf because this is the time of year when the Hopi Women's Societies hold their sacred ceremonies for Mother Earth.

      As Mother Earth cries out in the pain of abuse, so I, of the Coyote Clan, add my desperate cry on her behalf, in the hope that the United Nations will soon extend an invitation to Hopi ELders and traditional leaders of the four directions. If this invitation is extended, the traditional Hopi societies and traditional leaders of the four directions will meet together to choose the appropriate representatives to be sent to the United Nations where they wil be given the opportunity to present their oral message of peace to the world leaders assembled there.

      The Hopi and many other native nations have struggled continually to maintain harmony with Mother Earth and all the universe through our way of life. The foundation of our way of life is the sacredness of the land on which we dwell. If that land continues to be abused, the sacredness of all life will disappear along with most of humanity in a great purification by Mother Earth and the Great Spirit.

      This is my fourth and final attempt to open the door of the Great House of Mica. If it is not opened as we humbly request so that the red, white, yellow and black peoples might work together for a peaceful world, then we will return to await the inevitable time of purification.

            Yours respectfully,

                  Hopi Traditional Elder


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