Message from Hopi Spiritual Leaders
We-mi Jo-vow-ma,  Spiritual Unity
We-mi Jo-Vow-ma
Spiritual Unity
(Gathering) (Land) (My Life)

Presented to:
Chairman and members of the United Nations
Assembled in Vancouver, B.C. Canada June 11, 1976

Gather with Us in Spiritual Unity to Insure the Survival of Land and Life

P.O.Box 112
Oraibi, via Arizona 86039

June 8, 1976

My name is Banyacya of the Wolf, Fox and Coyote clan, and a member of the Hopi Independent Nation. I have been appointed as an interpreter for and by the hereditary Kikmongwis and the Religious headmen of the Hopi people. I am here to fulfill my clan duty by presenting to the United Nations and the world the message of the hereditary Kik- mongwis, Hopi religious headmen and other Native Traditional Elders.

Today, I brought two Hopi initiated religious leaders who were authorized by our Kikmongwis of Shungopavy and Oraibi Pueblos, two of the oldest continually inhabited villages on Hopi land, to carry their sacred prayer feathers and message of peace, and the prophecies of warning for this day, as we were instructed by- our ancestors. Because we have seen this destruction once before, we do not want to see it happen again, when mankind had put more emphasis on material rather than spiritual things, when laws of nature were interfered and ignored and the world was destroyed. A few spiritual people. who adhered to the powers of the great spirit were allowed to survive and are the ancestors who have carried the knowledge that. is the Hopi spiritual way. The word or name Hopi means peaceful people. This means any people who learn to live in peace with each other and in harmony with nature are Hopi people.

The time has come to join in meaningful action. Destruction of all land and life is taking place and accelerating at a rapid pace. This year, 1976, the Bicentennial is being celebrated. The question is by whom? Our native land is continuing to be torn apart and raped of its sacredness by the corporate powers of this nation. We do have an alternative to this. Mankind has a chance to change the direction of this movement, do a roundabout turn, and move in the direction of peace, harmony and respect for land and life. The time is right now. Later will be too late. In order to do this the Native People must return to the spiritual path as one to cure and heal our Mother Earth. It is only through the heart, prayer, and ceremony can we bring this turbulence of evil to a halt. According to many prophecies "purification" is near. This means that human life has to be purified or punished by certain acts of the Great Spirit due mainly to the corruption, greed, and turning away from the Great Spirits teachings. The healing of this continent requires the native peoples, the first inhabitants of this country, thowse who were given the duty to safeguard the Great Spirit's land and life and those who want to follow his teachings and instructions.

In 1948, The Hopi Kikmongwis and religious elders met for four days to compare and to remind each other of our ancient knowledge, most of which were kept in their sacred Kivas These men were around 80, 90, and 100 years old and met in the circle, smoked their pipes and meditated. They then delivered this knowledge for the first time in public. I feel strongly that they have a message not only for the Hopi people and other Native brothers, but for the whole humankind.

They told of the destruction of the first world, and the destruction of the second and they talked of the present world from its creation; how we came to this land, how we spread throughout the land, how to take care of the land, and how the future will be if man again does not adhere to the spiritual balance in harmony with nature. Everything in the prophecies has been fulfilled and I know they are speaking the truth.

I felt it is my sacred duty to relate this message at this time. Hopi and other Native spiritual leaders are greatly concerned with the conditions of our Mother Earth, and her children the native people who were the first people of the western hemisphere. They have watched the white brothers systematically destroy the Native people as they did natural resources. According to our beliefs and prophecies if this destruction continues, man's existence on this world will soon be ended. For this reason the First Peoples of the Americas felt it necessary to hold a spiritual convention here in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, in conjunction with the United Nations Conference on Human Settlements. The great concern for the condition of the world has brought us together to hold an Earth Healing Ceremony for Mother Earth, June 10, 11, and 12 at early dawn 4:30 A.M. to dusk

It is our hope that this Spiritual Unity conference and Healing Ceremony brings together the First Peoples of the Americas as well as spiritual leaders of all world faiths and religions. At our Healing Ceremonies we have been discussing beliefs and prophecies of the First Peoples of North America to see how they are similar and what these beliefs hold for the future of our planet.

The Hopi have one such tradition that explains the world's present situation. The Hopi are an independent sovereign nation who have never signed a treaty of any kind with the United States government. The Hopi people have been living for hundreds of years under their own form of self-government. Through Hopi prophecy and belief the religious leaders and rightful Spokesmen for the Hopi independent Nations have been instructed by Massau'u the Creator, to express this invitation to the World's Peoples and all spiritual leaders everywhere to meet with us here, now, and in Hopi land to discuss the welfare of mankind so that Peace, Unity, and Brotherhood will become part of all men everywhere. We live a Spiritual life in traditional Hopi form, that was given to us by Massau'u. From Massau'u the Hopi and the other First Peoples of the Americas were given special knowledge about the care of the sacred lands so as not to disrupt the fragile harmony that holds man and nature and earth together. The Hopi, caretakers of the earth in a spiritual way, have come to the United Nations to help avert a global disaster.

This is the Hopi Nation's third attempt to work through the United Nations to notify the world of the crisis we are in. Our first attempt was in the 1940's when we tried to present a statement to the United Nations. The Hopi were not allowed to talk on the floor of the Assembly, instead we were told to submit a written statement. The elders of the Hopi Nation said No, that according to Hopi beliefs they must deliver a spontaneous spoken statement, because to deliver a spontaneous talk is to give the words life and to speak from the heart. It is ultimately the Hopi way. The Secretary General's office of the United Nations refused this request to hear the Hopi elders in their own traditional way. So acting according to Hopi beliefs they decided to wait four days to see if the people of the glass house, the house of mica, the United Nations, would change their position and hear the Hopi speak. After four days of waiting the Hopis returned to the glass house only to learn that the world organization still would not listen. As a result the Hopi traveled to the capital of the Iroquois Nation at Onandaga where they all met together. The first attempt to fulfill the sacred duty to inform the world of the crisis it was in had not been fulfilled.

The second effort to contact the World's Peoples was once again through the United Nations when the Temple of Understanding held a convention of the "five great" religions of the world in New York City on October 20, 1975. This organization invited the First Peoples of the United States to speak at the session. During this conference the Hopi Nation presented a statement concerning the role of western religions among the First Peoples. The Hopis know that every nation and people have their own religion, all these religions are equally good. Hopi and all other Native First People in this western hemisphere have their own spiritual beliefs and systems. Hopis believe it is important for peoples to help other peoples but one must show respect for other peoples and their religion and spiritual beliefs. According to the Hopi it is absolutely necessary to turn the original idea of missionizing around. For example, if a man is sick one should not just pray for him or try to change his religion or belief system. The missionary should help the sick man, take the ill man some water, feed him, clothe him, help the man to live. He needs to be cured of his illness not his religion or spiritual beliefs. Hopis are not against other religions or beliefs, they are opposed to those who try to destroy a people or a nation in the name of a religion.

This was part of the message the Hopi Nation presented to the Temple of Understanding Conference. At the close of the conference the participants prepared a statement to be presented to the United Nations. It did not recognize the spiritual religion of our people nor did it represent the view of the Hopi Nation or of the other First Peoples of the United States. Instead, what the statement of the Temple of Understanding did was to uphold and reaffirm their faith in the political, economic, and social systems of the western world. For example, the Temple of Understanding conference participants state that "education", in the western tradition, breaks down false barriers by introducing ideas from outside one's religious tradition. Education, to the participants, allows for the development of ways to understand other religious traditions. These ideas are ironic considering the fact that western education in the Americas is not to liberate the First Peoples of this land but to oppress us and force us to separate from our spiritual systems cultures, and home lands. This western educational system imposes different ideas beliefs, and ways of doing things on the First Peoples of the Americas, until we have broken down false barriers, to the contrary it has constructed barriers. Because this final statement did not represent the views and beliefs of the First Peoples and failed to recognize the spiritual religion of the Hopi and the other First Peoples, we withdrew our support of the statement and tried to present a statement of our own to the United Nations. Both the United Nations and the Temple of Understanding Conference by refusing to support effort to gain recognition as a world spiritual religion and the United Nations by not listening to the First Peoples of this land. The second attempt to fulfill the sacred duty of contacting the world through the United Nations had failed as prophesied by the spiritual leaders.

This message today is our third and perhaps final attempt to inform the world of the present status of mans' existence on our Mother Earth. We are not asking the United Nations for help in a material way. We are, according to Hopi prophecy, simply trying to inform the world of what is going to happen if the destruction of the earth and its original peoples continues as is known by our religious Hopi Elders. We do not come before the United Nations in order to join it. We come to fulfill Hopi sacred mission and ancient prophecy in order to find 1, 2, or 3 nations who should by now recognize their sacred duty to stop the destruction of the First Peoples land and life throughout the western hemisphere. We, Hopi, know that there are 1, 2, or 3 nations here in the United Nations that could listen to our message and understand it so that they can fulfill their spiritual sacred duty in order that land and life shall never be totally destroyed as before. If this is not done you must understand that the Hopi have done their part to fulfill their mission and whatever results from your failure to fulfill your sacred responsibilities to stop all of this destruction, genocide, harassment, imprisonment, oppression and lack of respect for Native Brothers; will be of your own doing. We, the First Peoples of the western hemisphere have carried out our sacred duty by bringing this spiritual message of warnings and hope for the future to your attention.

Through Hopi prophecy and spiritual beliefs the Hopi know that greed, pollution and lack of understanding of nature are about to destroy Mother Earth. The Hopi and all Native Brothers have continually struggled in their existence to maintain harmony with the earth and with the universe. To the Hopi, land is sacred; and if the land is abused, the sacredness of Hopi life will disappear and all other life as well. Land is the foundation of Hopi and all life. and the foundation of the Hopi stand.

Land was here long before any human being set foot upon this earth. Somewhere the human race began and we came to this land after asking permission from Massau'u. After obtaining his permission we came and settled with Him on this land. He showed us the continent. He gave us Sacred Stone Tablets, religious instructions, warnings and prophecies and all land and life was placed in the Kikmongwis and religious headmen. He marked out the boundaries for each group on the continent, after which each group was given an individualized life plan with certain spiritual and religious beliefs; the way to worship, to live, the food to eat, the languages to speak, etc. He gave each group their way. He then gave his final instructions -- live and never lose faith or turn away from you life pattern. This is one of the main reasons for our ceremony here this week. The peoples of the world are turning away from their life plan. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the Hopi to bring out these facts so that peoples everywhere will remember it, think about it, and live up to it.

In ancient times it was prophesied by our forefathers that this land would be occupied by the Original Peoples, who have received permission from the Great Spirit Massau'u, and then from another land a white brother would come, supposedly to help his brothers, who are here taking care of the land and life in a spiritual way with prayer, ceremonies and humility. He would come either with a strong faith and righteous religion which Massau'u had given him, or he would come after he had abandoned the great life plan and fallen to a faith of his own personal ideas which he invented before coming here. It was known that the white man is an intelligent person, an inventor of many words and material things, a man who knows how to influence people because of his sweet way of talking. He would use many of these things upon us when he came. The white brother would do many things that will be good for our Native Brother. When it becomes the sole purpose of getting control of this land and he lives only for his own self-glory, then we must not listen to his sweet tongue, but watch his deeds. If he mistreats us, lies, and starts to force our people off their lands, we must wait for our true brother who has the other set of sacred stone tablets.

The Hopi has not listened to this first white brother. We, Hopi have been faithful to the instructions of the Great spirit, Massau'u up to this time. We have followed our life plan. We are still carrying on our sacred rights and ceremonies -- we are still living in accordance with the pattern of life Massau'u has given us. We have not lost our faith in Massau'u. He has given to us many prophesies. He told us the white brother would come and be a very intelligent man, bringing to us many things he would invent. One invention, that our forefathers spoke of, was a machine, or object that would move on the land with animals pulling it -- the wagon. Our forefathers also talked of a machine which would afterwards move with nothing pulling it -- when we saw the automobile we understood. Then they said that the land would be cut up and that there would be many roads. Today we see pavement all over the land. Later there would even be roads in the sky where people will travel. Now we see airplanes. It was said by Massau'u that if and when a gourd of ashes is dropped upon the earth, that many men will die and that the end of the materialistic way of life is near at hand. We interpret this as the dropping of atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. We do not want to see this happen again, here or any place on our Earth Mother, instead we should now turn all this energy for peaceful uses, not for war.

Today almost all the prophesies have come to pass. Great roads like rivers pass across the landscape; man talks to man through the cobwebs of telephone lines; man travels along the roads in the sky in his airplanes; two great wars have been waged by those bearing the Swastika and sun symbol; as prophesied by our Religious Elders; man is tampering with the moon and the stars. Hopi and other Native Brothers were warned no man should bring anything down to earth from the moon. It will create unbalance of natural and universal laws and create more severe earthquakes, floods, hail storms, season changes and famines. This is now happening. Most men have strayed from their life plan shown them by Massau'u. These signs tell us we are nearing the end of our life patterns. We are coming to the time of the purifiers, who were commissioned by the Great Spirit, to stop man's destruction of self and nature.

Those of us of the Hopi Nation who have followed the path-of the Great Spirit without compromise have a message which we are committed, through our prophecy to convey to you.

The white brother up to the present time, through his insensitivity to the way of Nature, has desecrated the face of Mother Earth. The white brother's advanced technological capacity has occurred as a result of his lack of regard for the spiritual path and for the way of all living things. The white brother's desire for material possessions and power has blinded him to the pain he has caused Mother Earth by his quest for what he calls natural resources. And the path of Massau'u has become difficult to see by almost all men, even by Native First People who have been forced into white brothers educational systems and now have chosen instead to follow the path of the white brother.

Today the sacred lands where the Hopi live are being desecrated by men who seek coal and water from our soil that they may create more power for the white brother's cities. It will destroy our Hopi and other people with smog, poison air, lack of water, and pollution of water and land. One example is sacred Hopi land in ruin all over the "four corners area", where Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Utah meet in the United States; this area Hopis call Tukunavi and is part of the heart of our Mother Earth and is a shrine and sacred place for the Hopi and other pueblos for many thousands of years. This desecration of our spiritual center, must not be allowed to continue for if it does, Mother Nature will react in such a way that almost all men will suffer the end of life as they now know it. All we ask is that this place be respected and protected by all nations who have sacred duty and responsibility. Every measure must be taken to preserve this spiritual center.

Massau'u said not to take from the earth for destructive purposes and not to destroy living things indiscriminately or without prayer. He further stated that man was to live in harmony and maintain a good clean land for all children to come and take care of land and life for the Great Spirit. The United States system has gone against these religions instructions and now almost destroyed all our land and our way of life -- that life being our religion. All Hopi People and other First Peoples are standing on this religious principle. This healing ceremony and unity convention here in Vancouver is endeavoring to show to the whole world's people and lead to reawaken the spiritual nature in the First Peoples throughout this earth and provide a cure for our Mother Earth. U. S. Government. and United Nations leaders can never bring about peace, harmony and happy life in the future unless and until all forms of destruction of land and native people in this land be stopped immediately.

Not only have the Hopi struggled to care for and maintain the earth and their existence, but all the First Peoples of the Americas have struggled to maintain themselves in the world today. The present oppressive governments in the Americas continue to make the existence of the First Peoples a continuous struggle for life.

We chose a world meeting here to have a world religious and spiritual gathering -- Jo-vow-ma. We wanted to call together all religious and spiritual peoples of the world so we could discuss the situation of our Mother the earth. The reason we, the First Peoples of the Americas, brought about this meeting was to show the world that we want to lead a Healing Ceremony for Mother Earth and stop genocide on our homeland. We have to lead this ceremony because it is our land and our home. We know and love it as no one else can. All peoples can participate in this ceremony but only we can lead it. Everybody has their own way to cure and heal. If we were in another land we would use another way, since we are here now our way is required for the ceremony.

We the Hopi People have watched man destroy the earth and its air. Man has made it harder and harder for the Hopi to care for and maintain the earth through Hopi traditional ways and spiritual life. Now, according to prophecy and directions from Massau'u it is time for the Hopi to inform the world's peoples of the earth's present situation so that further devastations can be prevented. The United States and United Nations should understand that it cannot bring about peace and harmony or the good life in the world if it does not correct the wrong doings going on within the American continent. The United Nations will never be able to reach its goals, to bring about peace and harmony among all people, or make it in the future if it does not at least support the Hopi and the other First Peoples of this land in their struggle for world wide recognition and respect. The Hopi want to bring about the uniting of all world religions. The Hopi spiritual leaders invite the world spiritual leaders to gather with them in Hopi land as soon as possible. They are waiting for you. To this point in time our words have not been heeded by nations of the world. This might be the last chance. If our words are not taken seriously or are not heeded -- only destruction will follow. We have done all the Hopi can do to notify the world's peoples. If the people refuse to take action the Hopi prophecy of total destruction of all mankind may be fulfilled as known to the Hopi Spiritual Kikmongwis and Religious headmen who wait patiently in their sacred Kivas on Shungopavy and Oraibi Hopi land, with Sacred Stone Tablets and spiritual instructions to receive all understanding beings in search for survival.

The Hopi knows that man will harness solar wind and natural energies, but if its misused the energy will burn the world with fire. There must be free use of this power. Man must learn to serve man with this gift and share freely from now on, given to all people to use not for buying or selling. We must bring back the level of life where land is free, water is free, no boundaries and freedom of spiritual understanding.

If the United Nations cannot prevent the destruction of mankind and Mother Nature by political means, they should now support a meeting of the world spiritual leaders with the Hopi Nation. All Nations whocome to our homeland should recognize our spiritual foundation and support the establishment of a spiritual center for all mankind.

Such a spiritual center with all focus on our Mother Earth and the preservation of natural ecosystems could be set up at Jericho, where Native People can share ancient wisdom and truths with all Peoples of our Spaceship Earth.



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