Letter to Sec. Gen. Boutros Boutros-Ghali
Hopi Traditional Elder
P.O. Box 112
Kykotsmovi, AZ 86039
April 26, 1993

The Honorable Boutros Boutros-Ghali
Secretary General of the United Nations
United Nations Headquarters
New York, New York 10017

4 Corners - Coming together of Original Native People

Dear Secretary Boutros-Ghali:

      I, Banyacya, want to thank you for the opportunity to speak at the United Nations on December 10, 1992 on behalf of the traditional Hopi leaders and many original native peoples. I appreciated our meeting that day, brief as it was. In 1948 I made a committment to deliver an urgent message from the traditional Hopi leaders to the United Nations about issues vital to the safety of the Earth and its peoples. On December 10, 1992, you received a written statement from me. At the same time I delivered this message by word of mouth from the Heart, from the Spirit, as I was appointed to do in 1948 by traditional Hopi leaders. The message urgently requested that members of the United Nations Assembly hear, listen and act upon the message from our high spiritual leaders from Hopiland and from all the Four Directions of the western Hemisphere.

      The message was that the United Nations should open the door to the Hopi spiritual leaders and the Four Direction spiritual leaders to speak before the Assembly as soon as possible. We also ask that you send three or four investigators to check the original native sovereign areas to see if the United States government, the Canadian government and other Western Hemisphere governments are violating international laws to protect the Earth and its peoples.

      The Hopi elders in 1948 accurately foretold that the whole world would be in terrible crisis at this point in time and many peoples would need guidance as to how to survive these crisis times. This is what we offer. I, Banyacya, am just an interpreter, I am not a spiritual leader or medicine man. I am a member of the Wolf, Fox and Coyote clans come to warn you on behalf of the Hopi elders. I have come to warn all the peoples of the world that this purification is coming. It is my deep hope that you or a member of the General Assembly will take up this cause, to open the door to traditional Hopi leaders to speak at the U.N. It is important that this take place in the Great House of Mica, the United Nations Building itself, and no other building. We need your help. We must join hands together acting as one people to save this Earth.

      We ask for a formal response from the United Nations to the request that our traditional Hopi spiritual leaders speak in their own language. In my presentation before you in December 4 1992, I said that in four days, four weeks, four months, an official response must be received to let us know if the door will be open or not. We need an acknowledgment of this specific and urgent message. We appreciated the letter of Mrs. Elissavet Stamatopoulou in January 1993, and yet we still need to address this urgent request: will you open the door for our Hopi spiritual leaders to speak at the United Nations?

      There is much concern about the peoples of Bosnia, rightfully so. And yet original native peoples of the United States and Canada have seen our land taken and abused, and our people murdered, imprisoned and abused, with no acknowledgment or help from your international body. This terrible condition was warned of many years ago by our Hopi elders. The Hopi elders also felt that it must be known that the Four Corners area is a vital spiritual center. It must be left in its natural state. It must be left in balance for Mother Earth and her peoples to survive. All nations must protect this spiritual center.

      We are the original caretakers of this Earth, working through prayer, fasting, meditation, and ceremonies. The well-being of the Earth depends on us. And yet our homeland is being systematically stripped from us by governments foreign to us. Access to our traditional way of life is being denied. It is very important that this condition be corrected, for all original native peoples throughout the world. We must be supported in our work, not blocked and destroyed.

      There is the opportunity for many nations and peoples still to be saved. Please hear our message and join with us to stop the destruction. In the First, Second and Third Worlds, as told by the Hopi traditional leaders, only a handful survived each time. In this Fourth world we hope that we can save this Mother Earth from total destruction, that the world might come back beautiful and clean. The United Nations has an urgent role in this process.

      I believe strongly in peace and the Hopi peaceful way of life. Traditional Hopi elders said we must never show our bows and arrows to anyone, but must live in peace and harmony and share the wealth of this land by living a simple life. I felt so strongly about this that I did not register in World War II and because of this I was sent to spend almost seven years in federal prison by the United States government. We Hopis believe that no Hopis or other original native peoples should be forced to go to war against another people and land. It invites even greater destruction upon those who force this. As it is written in the Bible, those who live by the sword shall die by the sword. We urge the United Nations to work with conflict by using laws, rules or regulations instead of war.

      I feel strongly that the spirit of the Ancestors came with us last December with powerful windstorms, rain, lightning, and thunder. The forces in Nature have spoken to you in this way. You must act now. Otherwise greater problems will arise.

      We Hopi people still have our two sets of ancient sacred stone tablets and our spiritual societies still carry out the ceremonies which hold this land in balance. Our history says our white brother should have retained two other sets of these sacred stone tablets and that he will someday return to us in Hopiland. Who is this brother and where is he? Can any member of the United Nations help us find him?

      We beseech your nations and the General Assembly to use your power and rules to work with us to cure the damage people have done to this Earth and to each other. Hopi elders know that was your intended mission and they wait for a response now. Will you open the door to the traditional Hopi spiritual leaders to speak in their own Hopi language before the General Assembly in the United Nations Headquarters building? This is what our elders have said must happen. Please respond to this important message. In closing, I want to extend my warm appreciation to all those who helped me speak at the United Nations this last year. Thank you!

      Yours respectfully,

          Interpreter for Hopi Traditional Elders

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Submitted By Thomas Banyacya, December 10, 1992